How to participate


To be a Mighty Challenger, the first step is to register online in one of the following two categories:

Team – Adults – Teams of five where all participants are 13 years of age and older.

Team – Mixed age – A team of five that includes junior participants (8 to 12 years old) and adult participants (13 years old and older). The junior participants will complete challenges tailored to their level of ability.

For both categories, the fundraising goal is $1,000 per team. Prizes and medals will be awarded to the winners in each category.


Once registered to the Leucan Mighty Challenge, you and your team have until October 28, date of the virtual gathering, to raise a minimum of $1,000 in donations for Leucan. Here’s a few tips :

  1. Customize your fundraising profile by writing an introduction message, and add some pictures.
  2. Join the Leucan Mighty Challenge Facebook group to be a part of a wonderful community of committed and supportive participants, and learn some tips to raise more money.
  3. Talk about your Challenge in your network! Share the link to your profile page on social media where you are active and send individualized messages to the people in your social circle by e-mail, Facebook Messenger, or any other messaging system you use. You also have the option of sending e-mails from your fundraising profile by using the Solicit Donations tab.
  4. Collect donations:
    Online: donors using the secure online payment by credit card will automatically receive a tax receipt by e-mail.
    Cash or cheque: you must complete a donation form for each cash or cheque donation and include it with your donations remittance. Leucan will issue tax receipts based on the completed forms. A tax receipt will be issued on demand for any donation of $20 or more.
  5. Thank your donors: a thank-you e-mail is sent automatically to online donors. Even so, Leucan recommends that you take the time to thank each donor individually. You may do so directly from your fundraising profile, under the Manage Donors tab, or use any other messaging system of your choice.
  6. Increase your fundraising goal: if you reach your fundraising goal (congratulations!), you may increase it using the My Fundraiser tab. Let your donors know that, thanks to their generosity, you have reached your goal and can now increase it. This might serve as an incentive for people who have not donated to your campaign yet: they will want to help you reach your new goal.

The challenges

Every week from September 16th to October 20th, the Leucan team will send you a challenge by email. Each challenge has been created by professionals. Junior participants (8 to 12 years old) will receive a challenge tailored to their level.

Those who want to take it to the next level will be able to complete the additional Ultra challenges, regardless of the team category in which they are registered.

You will have to film yourself performing each task and send the video to Leucan each week, in order to us to validate and to tally up the points.

In total, you will have to complete four physical strength challenges and one mental strength challenge, in the following sequence:

Week 1

Repetition challenge

Week 2

Running challenge, presented by bricon

Week 3

Voiles en Voile's Mental strength challenge, presented by RH solutions KJT

Week 4

Repetition challenge, presented by National Bank

Week 5

Strength challenge, presented by Transport Bourassa

October 28

Virtual gathering and awards

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